Earth reference ellipsoids.

nint array
adouble array
fdouble array


Wraps ERFA function eraEform. The ERFA documentation is:

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 e r a E f o r m
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Earth reference ellipsoids.

   n    int         ellipsoid identifier (Note 1)

   a    double      equatorial radius (meters, Note 2)
   f    double      flattening (Note 2)

Returned (function value):
        int         status:  0 = OK
                            -1 = illegal identifier (Note 3)


1) The identifier n is a number that specifies the choice of
   reference ellipsoid.  The following are supported:

      n    ellipsoid

      1     ERFA_WGS84
      2     ERFA_GRS80
      3     ERFA_WGS72

   The n value has no significance outside the ERFA software.  For
   convenience, symbols ERFA_WGS84 etc. are defined in erfam.h.

2) The ellipsoid parameters are returned in the form of equatorial
   radius in meters (a) and flattening (f).  The latter is a number
   around 0.00335, i.e. around 1/298.

3) For the case where an unsupported n value is supplied, zero a and
   f are returned, as well as error status.


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